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Independent Living with Support for Adults with Unique Abilities

We provide quality homes for adults with mild intellectual and developmental disabilities where they can safely grow in their independence and live a fulfilling life within a Christ-centered community.

Receive Light Support
Live with Peers
Belong to a Community

Your Adult Child Deserves Independence. 

Do you worry about:

  • Lack of housing options that meet your loved one’s needs?
  • Your adult child being isolated and lonely?
  • Your family’s future when you’re gone?

Homes Giving Hope is a Christ-Centered organization providing the opportunity for adults with unique abilities to live independently.

We believe that God cares for each individual and asks us to do the same. We actively serve our residents by creating an environment where they can feel God’s love, grow in their relationship with Jesus, and experience the fullness of life. Through house devotions, grace-filled conversations, and living our core values our residents will know they are loved by God.

Live with Peers

Residents live with others and build peer relationship skills. Residential Assistant Onsite for light support.

Build Skills

All residents are encouraged to help with household chores, communicate with roommates, and problem solve together.

Live an Engaging Life

Life is spent either working or volunteering in the community and enjoying evening meals with roommates and planning house events.

We get it.

Finding independent housing is difficult.

Raising an adult child with unique abilities can be a lonely and challenging road. It’s as if they are stuck between living in a group home and residing with you forever. With over 100 collective years of experience with the special needs population, we have seen first hand the lack of opportunity for adults with unique abilities and their families to experience independence. 

There isn’t a model that serves capable adults who only need light support, UNTIL NOW…

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Testimonials From

Resident and Family

“While we always knew our daughter had the ability to become independent and move out on her own, it was something we were very apprehensive about. From the moment we stepped through the doors at Homes Giving Hope, we knew that God had opened doors for her and we were immediately put at ease knowing that if it was His will it would all work out. Six weeks later we have seen K’s confidence level skyrocket and will forever be grateful for this opportunity”.

Jen E

‘”I was excited to move out of my parents house and into my own place with roommates.  It did not take me long to adjust because I love the beautiful home and being able to work on my independent living skills. I am doing my own laundry, house chores, keeping my room clean, and becoming more social. My family isn’t very far away, so they are able to come to visit and help with taking me to work…”


How it Works

Complete Readiness Questions

At Homes Giving Hope we strive to give opportunities to adults with mild intellectual and developmental differences. These questions will help you understand if your loved one is ready.  

 Participate in the Process

We conduct an in-depth process, with multiple steps, so you can get to know us and we can understand your needs.

Achieve Independence

Once approved, you will be invited to move into one of our homes. Meet roommates, your resident assistant, and settle into your room. Welcome home!

Independence is within reach

At Homes Giving Hope we know your adult child with intellectual/developmental differences wants the same experience of living independently just like everyone else. And perhaps, you’re looking ahead and know in order to plan for the next season of life, you need housing where your son/daughter can live and engage in the community.

The problem is, there are no housing options for a capable adults that need light support. It feels as if he/she is in the space between group homes and living at your house the rest of their lives. We believe it’s wrong that there are no options for loved ones like yours to experience a life of engagement and independence.

We understand you’ve been on this journey alone and feel like there is no hope. Our seasoned team has a combined experience of over 100 years working with special needs individuals. Together, we see firsthand the challenges families face as they look for housing opportunities for their adult children with unique abilities.

This is why at Homes Giving Hope we provide independent living with support in quality homes that enable our residents to live a life with their peers and be a part of the community.


Still have questions? 

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