2024 Annual Fundraising Gala Supporting Homes Giving Hope

Since I moved to Homes Giving Hope a lot has changed. At first, I was nervous about moving out of my parent’s home and into a new place. I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t know the town either. So, when I moved to Homes giving Hope, I started a new adventure!

When I first moved out I had a wave of emotions. I was excited and ready to move out but then I was also nervous and sad to move out of my parent’s home.   I was leaving my family who I grew up with all my life. Then, suddenly, it was a moving day. But we had peace about me moving into this new home as well as my Mom had a heart of peace about it too. The first few weeks I lived there I was so happy and was loving it. I did go home every weekend for the first few weeks. It just helped me adjust to living away from my parents and siblings.

Eventually I started to stay weekends. Of course, after a few weeks went by and I felt I started to feel more comfortable, I realized I was missing home and my family. Plus, I especially missed our dog. I work with emotions differently where I don’t feel feelings right away. It takes me a while to understand exactly how I feel. But I worked through those emotions and talked to my family and friends about how I felt and they helped me through it.  Just like yours will help you if you consider moving to “Homes Giving Hope”.

Now that I am settled and loving living with my roommates I realize I have learned a few things.  New adventures allow you to develop new skills.

5 things I have learned since I moved into Homes Giving Hope…

1. Independence and living on your own make you feel really good and gives you freedom (most of the time)

2. Living on your own is not totally easy 

3. Managing money is a challenge! (make sure you have and save enough money for the week and not spending it all so you have money for groceries and going out with friends or coffee). Learning to budget is important.

4. You gain more responsibility for yourself (taking care of yourself) and more responsibilities at the house.

We get different chores every week at the house. If you complete them you earn a gift card! You usually get excited when you complete it and feel proud of yourself

5.You learn how to live with roommates (other girls your age) There can be good times and there can be hard times but getting to know your roommates and how to live with them and become friends with everyone is really fun.

I hope you take into consideration of what I have learned with moving out and to “Homes Giving Hope” and that you take the leap of faith and be open to new adventures and try Homes Giving Hope!

Meghan Beggs