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Until this year I didn’t know there was such a thing as “Christmas in July”. When I heard about it I thought “that’s a little strange” but I loved it too because who doesn’t love Christmas? So me and my roommates at “Homes Giving Hope” decided to celebrate Christmas in July. On the 25th in the evening, we put Christmas decorations up and we listened to Christmas music and decorated Christmas cookies. It’s nice we get the choice to celebrate Christmas 2 times because there is something very comforting about the Christmas holiday. With the Christmas lights and the Christmas music my nerves settle and I feel a sense of calm.  It seems everything about Christmas soothes my anxiety.  One of my favorite things to do is to bundle up and take a walk by myself in the evening and look at everyones Christmas lights up at their house. Then maybe have hot chocolate or something warm when I get home.  


Christmas in July is different from Christmas in December with the warm summer temperatures and no snow!  But, our celebration still prompted good times.  We enjoyed hanging out, making Christmas cookies, and singing along to our favorite Christmas songs. As you know Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ birth. How fun to celebrate it twice!   Here are some pics of the girls and I celebrating my first Christmas in July.


By Meghan Beggs, July 2021