2024 Annual Fundraising Gala Supporting Homes Giving Hope

When God calls you, He equips you! 

And/or . . . He brings people along who are equipped. 

At the heart of our ministry, God is the Founder, the Leader

He knows what we have needed at every turn, and has provided.

He has proven Himself to be faithful. 

We are experiencing incredible growth as we move toward future changes, now equipped with the ability to hire people to fill the roles we have voluntarily filled over the past (almost) 3 years! 

Our mission remains the same as we are lock arms to accomplish what we were called to accomplish: to provide quality homes with Resident Assistants so that individuals with unique abilities can grow in their independence and experience a fulfilled life, within a Christ-centered environment. 

“. . . within a Christ-centered environment,” pray this will never be lost. 

We wanted to pause and make sure that YOU, our supporters, realize the significance of what YOU have done!

Supporting Homes Giving Hope is why we are where we are.


Let this sink in today, pray for us, and be thankful:

YOU have been used by GOD to accomplish something amazing by supporting Homes Giving Hope!

By Kay Wood, November 2022