2024 Annual Fundraising Gala Supporting Homes Giving Hope

“My name is April and I am the resident advisor at Homes Giving Hope.  I attended Ferris State University where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Psychology.  I work full-time as a psychometrist at Pine Rest where I administer psychological assessments to clients.  I have experience working with individuals with unique abilities both personally and professionally.  In my free time, I enjoy crafting, cooking, outdoor activities and reading. 

I am so grateful God led me to this opportunity at Homes Giving Hope and I am so blessed to have the privilege to live alongside the residents and watch them grow in independence as well as in their relationship with God.”

I love doing life with the ladies! I love living alongside these women and doing activities together, talking about the personal struggles that they face and getting to know them individually, seeing them grow in independence, faith and relationships.  I feel like I am making a difference in others lives, which is extremely fulfilling to me. 

There are so few of resources for people with unique abilities who want to work on building independence as well as have a place to live independently in community with others. 

I want to see this ministry expand so we can make a difference in more people’s lives, giving them the opportunity to find their voice, grow in their independence, feel valued, and have a meaningful life.

I can see God’s hand all over this ministry and the way He is working in each of the ladies’ lives.  I want more people to experience

what they are experiencing.

I have seen myself grow in huge ways by living and working at Homes Giving Hope.  I’ve gained more confidence in myself and in my relationships and I’ve also grown closer to God.  

Through our work fostering independence in the residents’ lives, this job has provided me experience with building relationships, problem solving, and conflict resolution. It has provided me experience with creating goals and implementing strategies to accomplish them. 

These are helpful skills in all areas of my life and undoubtedly will serve me in whatever God has planned for me to do next.

Written by: April Wilson