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“One great thing about having Anna live at Homes Giving Hope is the way it has changed our relationship.”

~ Jan

For Jan, Anna’s mother, she can enjoy Anna’s fun-loving personality even more now that it is unhindered by the parental authority role.  She can be Anna’s confidant and friend like the relationships other parents have with their adult child. 

“We have long conversations on the phone often and share laughter and tears.”

~ Jan

For Anna, it changed her perspective about her own family unit.  It has helped her to appreciate some things about her family that she hadn’t before.

Anna likes being able to confide in her mom. 

“It’s nice to have my mom as a sounding board when I face problems.” ~ Anna

 “I am so proud of all Anna has accomplished, am happy for her feeling like she has a community developing separate from family, and am thankful for how Homes Giving Hope has allowed these opportunities for Anna.” ~ Jan