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For almost a year I have been learning what it is like to live with roommates.

You get to know them and become good friends with them (or you don’t)

and then sometimes they leave and someone new comes along. 

When you move into a new place and you know you’re gonna have roommates

that you don’t know it can be scary and intimidating.

But it can also be exciting especially when you have only been living with your family all your life. 

You get to live with girls (or if you’re a boy with boys) your age and get to know them and

become friends with them or just be roommates and get to know one another.

Since I’ve been living at Homes Giving Hope  some girls have come and gone. 

I’ve made really close friendships with a lot of them and they have become like sisters to me.

It is very different living with roommates than with family because

each of you are very different in your own way.

My roommates and I learn from each other.

For example, we had a roommate who really liked to clean and

so I learned to enjoy cleaning from her and started to clean more like her.

She inspired me to do that.

So you can gain good habits from your roommates just like you can with family members.

My roommates and I have, I would say, become like sisters or family.

I am very grateful to live in a home like Homes Giving Hope where I feel understood,

accepted and wanted. 

If you try Homes Giving Hope or anywhere else you would have roommates remember it can be scary or intimidating at first but remember you can make great friends or become like family!

We have three types of friends in our life. 

Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime”. 


Roommates are not permanent, but our attachments are.” 

Uzma Akhtar Ashrafi

Written by: Meghan Beggs