2024 Annual Fundraising Gala Supporting Homes Giving Hope

Bella came to us as a graduate of Byron Center High School.  She received her High School diploma and had been working full-time in childcare across town.  Upon her move to Homes Giving Hope, she has decided to seek new employment in the Rockford area in either senior care or daycare.  Bella’s family lives in Byron Center and plan to visit her often.  

“I wanted to be on my own to work on learning to be independent.” ~ Bella

Bella was one of many high school graduates with special needs who were left without the life skills needed for life. Bella wants to learn how to live day to day on her own apart from her family.  She wants to learn how to cook and take care of a home, as well as, make daily decisions about her life. She looks forward to growing toward independence.

“I want to make friends.” ~ Bella

Living at home left Bella more isolated than her peers due to the limited social connections that many experience after high school.  Now Bella will have friends right outside her bedroom door!  Bella can have dinner with her housemates and be a part of Homes Giving Hope’s monthly social events. Bella can join her friends by hanging out in downtown Rockford, working on art projects, going for walks, going out to restaurants and coffee shops, going to the beach in the summer, and watching movies and enjoying a popcorn night together.  Bella looks forward to hanging out with her friends.

“I want to live in a good environment. I look forward to being in a Godly environment.”  ~ Bella

Our hearts were so warmed when Bella said she wants to be around kind people. She embodies kindness herself, and her smile is infectious. Bella wants to be with people who share her faith.  She looks forward to finding a church and growing as a Christian.