2024 Annual Fundraising Gala Supporting Homes Giving Hope

We want to give a shout out and a warm welcome to our newest member of Homes Giving Hope, Anna.  

Anna comes to us after living at home with her family well into her adults years.  Anna sees moving to Homes Giving Hope as a way to “grow and mature.”  She wants to “challenge herself and show her parents that she can do this!”  Anna sees this year as a year of growth in areas of caring for a home, caring for herself and learning to live with others.  Anna said that this is her opportunity to get ready for her next step in life, which is possibly owning her own place.  

Anna was one of the many adults who were left ‘stuck’ at home, with no options that were appropriate for her level of ability, no opportunities to get out on her own.  Our model is to provide support so that Anna, and others like her, can safely grow in her level of independence.  

We have 12 gentlemen on our wait list who are in a similar situation, living at home as an adult and ready to move into the next level of independence.  They are waiting for Homes Giving Hope to build more homes so they can experience what Anna is about to experience. 

Anna wanted to show everyone the quilt that she made with her mom.  She worked on this quilt for 3 years!  That’s persistence!  She said that what is really special about this quilt is that it glows in the dark.  Anna has her own room and has already warmed the room with her creativity.

Written by:  Kay Wood