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Meghan’s Blog Series

An Inside Peek at our Women’s Home

Have you ever wondered how we rise to the challenge of meeting all the likes/dislikes and dietary restrictions for our women’s home? Every week at Homes Giving Hope the RA and the residents help come up with a menu for dinner and we choose something new for everyday. Sometimes it may just be the RA or whoever helps work at HGH (short for Homes Giving Hope) who comes up with the menu. Usually everyone comes up with delicious meals for the dinner menu every week. So yes, Homes Giving Hope makes sure to take good care of their residents. Actually, since living at HGH I have learned to love soup. Before I didn’t really care for soup, but we have had it quite a  few times at HGH like tortilla soup or tomato soup with grilled cheese. It is super good!

On Monday’s, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we all are usually supposed to pick a day to help make dinner. Truth be told, I haven’t helped much yet but I am working on it! We all also have chores to do at Homes Giving Hope so there’s always something to work on.

One of my favorite meals is spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread. I could live on pasta, haha. On Thursday nights we have leftovers so whatever food is leftover from the week or we make our own dinner. I still have a ways to work on learning to cook but one of the meals I can make is spaghetti and meat sauce. Are you surprised? haha . Oh one thing I am gluten free and dairy free and our RA is gluten free too I believe and is vegetarian so we have to work around that a lot too! 

– Meghan Beggs 2/12/22