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Homes Giving Hope provides housing options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) who cannot live on their own without light support. We exist to provide options for those still living at home with their aging parents, those who are high functioning adults and able to do many things in life independently. Yet they still remain at home due to not having an appropriate choice for their level of abilities. 

We provide relief for families who are tired from years of striving to provide the best for their child who is developmentally disabled in a way that leaves them at risk of being vulnerable on their own.  

Homes Giving Hope exists to offer communities of inclusion, communities where people feel like they belong and have friendship, and communities where adults can grow into their independence. We believe that all individuals have a created purpose that extends beyond their personal lives and into the local community.  Each individual who lives at Homes Giving Hope contributes to the community through meaningful employment or volunteer opportunities.  

At Homes Giving Hope, we come alongside families offering hope for a new future — for both the parents and their adult child.  


We serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and those who have “hidden disabilities.”  They may appear to function normally, but are vulnerable due to their lack of social understanding.  They are not people who are a threat to others, but those who are at risk due to their vulnerability and their lack of understanding the nuances of life.  

These individuals are able to hold jobs, take care of themselves, shop, make simple meals, use a cell phone and communicate needs. They desire to live in community with others and not in isolation.  


A Resident Assistant lives in each home to ensure safety and to create a culture of acceptance, responsibility, and love for others.  Resident Assistants model what it looks like to communicate needs and desires as well as compromise in order to live with others effectively.  They are there as a housemate and a guide to life.

Individuals who live at Homes Giving Hope use self-determination services (through their local Community Mental Health agency) to get any additional support they need.  With this support, they plan their own schedules, participate in employment, volunteer, or other community activities.  

A Coordinator of Residential Affairs (supervisor) oversees the Resident Assistants, the Residents and the care of the home.  This supervisor is on call 24/7.  This person reports to the Board of Directors and meets regularly for guidance and oversight.

Written by: Kay Wood, 8/3/21